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Eric Simmons,
your Personal Chef is on call...

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Eric Simmons

Personal Chef

My name is Eric Simmons. I first started in the culinary industry as a busboy over 20 years ago and worked my way up to becoming a short-order cook in a cafeteria. I left the industry to work in customer service to better provide for my firstborn. I started as a customer service representative and worked my way up over a 17-year career to becoming a project manager. During this time my passion for cooking continued to burn inside. During this time as a project manager I successfully planned/executed numerous catering events in my spare time for family, friends and businesses. I decided to go back to school and obtain my associates in culinary arts in order to fine-tune my culinary skills. I believe with the combination of my years in customer service/project management, that I will be able to provide you with a perfectly planned and executed event that you and your guests will thoroughly enjoy. 

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